I'm back. But by a new name!

2016-04-14 12:51:09 by Otakuroad

This is an old account now. ^^ I've decided to get a new one. 

I can now be found at: http://magpieani.newgrounds.com/

NEW PLAN! KAHN Episode-0

2014-01-14 10:17:19 by Otakuroad

So I recently come up with a new idea that I am quite optimistic about. It just means that Kahn Episode 1 is going to take longer to make.

I have decided to make something I am calling KAHN episode- 0. This is just going to be a short that presents the main plot points of KAHN that I am having trouble getting through in the first episode. I will upload it before the first episode i will just be working on both at the same time. (Focusing mostly on this one.)

KAHN Episode 1 Delay

2014-01-11 10:40:10 by Otakuroad

Sorry about how long the first episode of KAHN is taking me. Lately I have been rethinking it.  (just stuff like how it is going to play out, do I need to rethink the script and stuff like that.) I am also waiting on some things like music and voices, so it has been taking longer then expected. But it is happening!! :) Just... going to take longer then expected. 

on another note! I have recently made a animation demo... of some kind. here it is:


With the demo completed...

2013-09-16 16:48:36 by Otakuroad

... It is time to start with the first episode. I have already planned it so it is simply a case of making it. I am still in need of a few voice actors but hopefully that wont take long. This will not take as long as the demo did I promise! If you haven't already, check out the demo. But as I said, I learned new things while making the video that I didn't use (to avoid the clips looking too different.) so the episode will look different.

Anyway here is the demo:


2012-11-02 09:18:52 by Otakuroad

hi everyone,

I have received a lot of PM about VA roles and music for KAHN. however most of them said that they wanted to see an animation demo of some kind. So instead of filling it with my half finished, old stuff, I have decided to make some new stuff to go in it. This may take longer, but it will give people more of idea of my current work. I love animating a lot, so it is not like a little bit more is going to be a chore or anything.

just be patient.

thanks ^_^


2012-10-07 09:55:05 by Otakuroad

Hi there everyone (well anyone who is going to read this that is.)

I'm new here to NG and and I may take some time to build up a decent collection. I do mostly animation but i am not too bad at games either. I'm currently studying media at my collage so I'm using this as practice :P. My main project is called KAHN (which BTW I need voice actors and music for.) but I do have some others.

Anyway, happy to be here!!!